mardi 16 juin 2015

Liberty of London summer necklace giveaway!

Liberty of London summer necklace giveaway.


For my blog 6th anniversary, you can choose two necklaces. Choose your fabric, 7 different ones and if you want with a knot in between or without, long or short. 
The result will be next Tuesday. You have to leave a comment on my blog, everybody can participate. A surprise gift will be added!


lundi 15 juin 2015

"Le temps des cerises" Mers les bains. Giveaway

Hello friends!

It is "le temps des cerises"! On Saturday afternoon i made some cherry jam, as a friend of mine gave me a lot of cherries.
Look at the beautiful red color. I added some "Kirsh" liquor in it, which gives a good taste to the jam.
Yesterday, we went up to North, in the town of "Mers les bains".It is on the North Ouest french coast.I love these villas with bow windows, their colors contrasting with the northen skies.
Some are decorated with "Art Nouveau" mosaics
They all have a name
I particularly love that one.
Mers les bains is a nice place to visit, this is a nice sample of our patrimony that we must protect.
A "Royal Albert" blue and purple rose cup.

Then we came back through Dieppe and went to Pourville. I love this panorama.
This week as my blog will be 6 very soon, i will organise a give away.
I will send world wide... to be continued...

jeudi 21 mai 2015

Home and garden.

New flowers on my balcony. But each year, we have some birds nesting under the roof and i have to clean it very often.
This is the place where i relax,"when we are having sun!" not much sun in Normandy for the moment.
I have been painting my inside windows.
The after and before.
Must find some place in my craftroom. I did the furniture makeover some months ago.
I fond this to start a "cabinet de curiosites"
made a new lampshade using paper this time.
I will be busy redecorating another part of the house soon.
Hope you are having "Sun"!